Blues & Mercy
Blues & Mercy
Sketches of You by Riro Maniscalco

My Father Sings to Me (Veras + Maniscalco)

In the world there is a voice
and it sings with a mission.
In my life there is a choice
and I've chosen to listen
To the sound of life and freedom,
To a strong, insistent cry.
In the world there is Someone
asking me to ask Him "Why?"

My Father sings to me
in endless elation
He sings my existence
He sings my salvation
A song that has been written
in harmony with yearning
A tune beyond my hope
with words beyond my learning.

I'm deafened by my meanness,
Yet still His song resounds,
Discouraged by my weakness,
Yet still His grace abounds.
I've discerned Him in the noise,
I have heard Him in the silence.
My heart has found its key
in the music of His presence.

So I could hear more clearly,
My Father's Son was slain.
He rose above the discord,
His blood runs through my veins.
The Son sings of His Spirit
Whose sound is unity.
The Spirit sings a movement
that keeps on moving me.

In Transit
/Bay Ridge Band

June 2001

  1. Walk Together Children
  2. The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy
  3. The Keel Row
  4. All My Trials
  5. Who Stood Up For Stephen?

  6. Will You Be Mine?
  7. Ora Kene Ike Jesu
  8. Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?
  9. All Night All Day
  10. Lela
  11. That Suits Me
  12. My Father Sings To Me
  13. Come And Go With Me
  14. There Is More Love
The Bay Ridge Band is...

Chris Vath, Piano & Vocals
Valentina Oriani, Vocals
Molly Poole, Vocals
Cas Patrick, Vocals
Riro Maniscalco, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion & Vocals
Jonathan Fields, Lead Guitar, Bass & Vocals

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