Blues & Mercy
Blues & Mercy
Sketches of You by Riro Maniscalco

The Things that I See (Veras + Maniscalco)

The things that I see, got me laughin' like a baby.
The things that I see, got me cryin' like a man.
The things that I see, I can look at what He gave me,
And He's gonna show me even more than I see.

Just the other day I heard a new voice in the darkness
Sendin' me away with mud on my face
I heard the people say, 'He's a sinner and he's hopeless'
till a splash washed the darkness away. Ref.

Makin' me explain to a lot of angry faces
Talkin' to 'em plain, they don't hear what I say.
Tellin' me again he's crazy and he's reckless
But there's only one thing I can say. Ref.

He came to me again and this time I could see Him.
Told me how He'd been out lookin' for me.
He told me to believe. I said, 'what should I believe in?'
He said, 'Keep on believin' in me!' Ref.

Spirituals & Songs from the Stoop /Bay Ridge Band
November 1999

  1. Climbing up the Mountain
  2. Glory Halleluja
  3. Bamboo
  4. Keep Your Lamps
  5. Sister Mary
  6. Kumbaya
  7. New Creation
  8. Pa Ret Ap Domi
  9. How Long Train
  10. Daniel
  11. He's Gone Away
  12. I Got Shoes
  13. The Things that I See
  14. I Want to Be a Christian
The Bay Ridge Band is...

Chris Vath, Piano & Vocals
Valentina Oriani, Vocals
Molly Poole, Vocals
Cas Patrick, Vocals
Riro Maniscalco, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion & Vocals
Jonathan Fields, Lead Guitar, Bass & Vocals

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