Blues & Mercy
Blues & Mercy
Sketches of You by Riro Maniscalco

Flattire Freeway (Veras + Maniscalco)

I dreamed of a green garden
In this skyscraper forest that lets nothing new grow
The fresh water showers dry weeds into flowers
And sprinkles on seedlings unknown

I longed just for one true story
In this wastepaper playground only tall tales get told
Give me news to delight me, and words to invite me
To watch the way real life unfolds

My hope needs mendin' but my need is unbendin'
My wantin' don't ever get cold
I can't help wishin' while guitar strings keep fishin'
For a tune that will never get old

I looked for another wonder
In this highwire circus where no risk is too bold
Keep your clowns and your lions, let the trapeze keep flyin'
But give my heart something to hold

Will destiny come to greet me
On this flattire freeway where nobody gets home?
The rest stops don't feed me, the maps never lead me
To a face that replaces alone

Another Morning
/Bay Ridge Band

October 2002

  1. Shut The Door
  2. The River is Here
  3. Mary's Son
  4. Ain'-a that Good News
  5. Flattire Freeway
  6. Route 66
  7. Hello
  8. Baby, What You Want Me To Do?

  9. I Am A Pilgrim
  10. Work Song Medley
  11. Salelaka Mokonzi
  12. Nazareth Morning
  13. Spiritual Medley
  14. You Can Tell The World
  15. Americana (in memory of September 11, 2001)
The Bay Ridge Band is...

Chris Vath, Piano & Vocals
Valentina Oriani, Vocals
Molly Poole, Vocals
Cas Patrick, Vocals
Riro Maniscalco, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion & Vocals
Jonathan Fields, Lead Guitar, Bass & Vocals

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